Jane Hickson
BA (Physical Education/History), Diploma Fitness Testing and Sports Therapy, Laser Certificate

Jane Bills, Director
C.I.D.E.S.C.O., B.A.B.T.E.C., C.I.E.L., I.A., Aromatherapy Associates, BTEC - Laser, Light & Associated Aesthetic Therapies, Semi-permanent make-up therapist, Premier Training

Christy McConnell
NVQ2 & NVQ3, Electrolysis, Diploma theatrical & wedding make-up, Laser Certificate, Semi-permanent make-up therapist

Jane Bills has been practising beauty therapy, complementary treatments and pseudo medical aesthetic treatments for 20 years. She has a wealth of experience and has always sought the highest level of training to support her practice. Her qualifications include C.I.D.E.S.C.O. and BTEC (Laser, Light and Associated Aesthetic Therapies) which is the UK's highest laser qualification and is usually available only to medical practitioners.

Jane has always strived to stay one step ahead in her profession using the latest products and technology to give the best results for her clients.

Her reputation for success is widely acknowledged and she regularly sees clients who have been referred by GPs and medical specialists. Her aim is to achieve long lasting results and not only a temporary pampering experience.

Detailed pre-treatment consultations ensure a full understanding of clients' requirements and enable all clients to have realistic expectations of their treatments.

Jane has a team of two other practitioners who have worked with her for many years – Christy McConnell and Jane Hickson. Together they form an experienced and caring team offering a comprehensive range of services and a sound knowledge of the many different treatments available today.

They are able to advise on misleading claims of treatments and to can help disillusioned and disappointed clients deal with poor results from other treatments.

Jane and her team have a widely recognised and valued expertise because not only do they give high quality care and treatment, but importantly they do not make any false claims or raise unrealistic expectations of the results of any treatment. Using chemical peels, the best laser technology available and semi permanent make-up techniques Jane and her team aim for all their clients to be delighted with the results from their treatments.

Please telephone for a consultation, you will not be disappointed with the relaxing and beautiful surroundings at Chester Wellness Centre, the level of service and care or, most importantly, the results that will be achieved for you.